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Here at Primal Skill we primarily focus on off-shore and near-shore software development. We work mostly in Western Europe and North America, but have had projects from all around the world.

Building off-shore teams is a common, and rightly so, practice. It allows for same or better technical skills, yet still enables lower development costs.

Our goal and dedication is to build long term, meaningful relationships and become an extension of our clients teams or their go-to dev partner.

WordPress Development

Information from W3Techs shows that WordPress is used to power over 15% of the world’s one million largest websites and over 54% of all websites using a CMS.

WordPress is searched 5 times as much as Joomla and 9 times more often than Drupal.

It's safe to say that WordPress is the leading website platform on the Internet at the moment.

Primal Skill has been involved in WP development since the inception of the company. We've seen and done most things possible with Wordpress and we love it. We have developed WordPress CMS solutions ranging from simple blogs to massively customized WordPress implementations serving complex business needs.

Technologies We Use

Custom Web Applications

Bespoke web applications are one of our favorites things to do. Creating something from nothing, the process of it, we enjoy it immensely. Over the years we've delivered a wide range of custom software projects serving different partners and needs from start-ups to large multinational organizations.

Technologies We Use

Front-end Development

Front-end development is nearly an inseparable aspect of web development nowadays. We go beyond just the regular development of responsive, mobile first web sites. We leverage front-end technologies like JavaScript and its ecosystem (React, Grunt etc) to deliver fast, responsive, requirements and goal driven applications.

Technologies We Use

Mobile Development

With the tremendous evolution of mobile technology and the ever increasing number and popularity of handheld devices, organizations have to take note and account for it.

We use our accumulated experience in web technologies and techniques to deliver tailor made, native, cross-platform mobile apps. With tools like Phonegap/Titanium&Alloy/React Native etc. we can continue to use the technologies we are experts in and still keep mobile dev. costs appealing.

Technologies We Use

Testing & QA

High performance, adherence to specifications, reliability, scalability are increasingly important in today's software development and QA has gained an increasingly visible role.

Due to the constant demand and consequent rise in IT costs companies are doing everything to minimize time to market and production bugs.

We're well versed in and provide, among others : Acceptance testing, regression testing, usability testing, cross-browser and platform testing, code audit, performance testing etc.

Engagement Model

Being involved over the years with a number of different type of organizations and projects we've come to learn that rarely do we see two identical. To accommodate this and be able to seamlessly blend into different processes and workflows we try to stay as open minded and flexible as possible. We negotiate with every one of our partners to find the best fitting solution that works, but these are the main options to start from.

Fixed price - the classic approach, although in our experience not the best. On larger projects, in most cases, it ends up being plagued with feature creep and a constant tug between the original specs and the inevitable changes in scope and technical approach that come up during development. However, the know-how we accumulated allows us to pre-emptively mitigate the risks and proactively adjust the scope and expectations in regard to the budget.

We like to use this approach on smaller or test projects.

Time and materials - this is our preferred working model, payment is directly associated to the actual number of development and management hours at a pre-negotiated hourly rate.

We place a big emphasis on mutual trust, common goals and transparency and this model is the perfect fit for that.

Dedicated developers - this model is best suited for staff augmentation. Primal Skill provides the development resources and the support for the developers involved while the client has full control over priorities and tasks. Payment can be mix of straight up dev. hours or fixed payments for fixed periods/dev.

Come and see how we can help your business and projects grow, starting today!

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What our clients say about Us.

We have worked with Daniel and his team for many years. They have proved to be both reliable and efficient in everything they do. Their work is always of a high standard, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Simon Harmer

Director of MarmaladeOnToast

Simon Harmer Photo

We have had good success working with Primal Skill. Not only are their web development skills top-notch, they are also a pleasure to work with.

Todd Walsh

Managing Partner at Cypress Digital Media

Todd Walsh Photo

Great dev team! We’ve been working with Daniel&Co one some of our start-up consultancy projects and they’ve always delivered!

Andrei Ostacie

Owner of Okapi Studio

Andrei Ostacie Photo

We worked with Primal Skill to build an online booking system for private aviation. We were very happy with their services and the quality of work and can recommend Primal Skill for development projects.

Guillaume Schaack

CEO at Abiria

Guillaume Schaack Photo

Primal Skill are powered cage of incredible. On time and on budget with superior understanding of technology. It is a pleasure working with them.

Jesse Shane

Creative Director at Thundercolor.com

Jesse Shane Photo

Primal Skill are reliable development partners with a high standard of work and professionalism. I've worked with them for many years and they have never let me down.

Jamie Burke

Founding Partner @ OutlierVentures.io, BlockStars.io

Jamie Burke Photo

As a startup, finding excellent developers is a perennial challenge. With Primal Skill we have found excellent developers, at highly affordable rates, who work as an extension of our in-house team. Daniel is a great project manager who works through our ambiguous and anemic specifications and minimizes the amount of time we need to spend managing his resources. I am delighted to have found Primal Skill.

Adam Cole

CTO at Newtopia

Adam Cole Photo

I've known and worked with Primal Skill for over a couple of years now. They are a great bunch who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Hoping for many more successes together.

Jacob Hagemann

Chairman of the Board at SearcusGroup

Jacob Hagemann Photo

I've worked with Primal Skill through Brandsonvine and sales sites for Burst, have thrown a lot of challenges their way and they've always come through. If you're looking for a reliable long term off shore partner, to consult and work alongside on different software projects, I recommend Daniel and team.

Michael Litman

CEO at Burst

Michael Litman Photo